How to Create Business Letterhead

You should always consider what kind of greeting to employ when composing letters to whom it may concern, especially if you occupy prominent administrative posts. HR managers or future employers usually receive tons of To Whom It May Concern letters. This is not surprising, since people who are hired to work in a specific office will have special relationships with all the other employees there. They will need to keep in touch with each other to keep things smooth in the office environment.

How to Create Business Letterhead
Example of Business LetterHead

A common mistake in composing letters to whom it may concern is to address the letter to an individual instead of addressing the whole company. For example, a letter to the HR manager may not sound right if addressed to just one person. This could be considered as being tactless by some, especially when you consider the high regard for money in the corporate world. In addition, there is a tendency for people to use upper case letters when writing to higher-ups. While this doesn’t mean that the letter writer cannot be creative, it does mean that a specific format should be applied in such cases.

In order to avoid such pitfalls, it would be advisable to get a few different to whom it may concern letter templates. You can find such templates online. You should just choose which one best suits your company’s needs and then modify the letter to your own needs. In other words, you need to customize your own letter. Of course, you will still be required to write a good salutation to the person to whom you are sending the letter.

The first thing you should take note of when composing a to whom it may concern letter is the salutation. Here, it would be advisable to capitalize the name of the company to which you belong. After the name, you may place the primary salutation (which would be the word “Dear Sir”). Following the salutation, you may conclude the letter with another strong statement.

When you are conversing to a prospective client, you should also include information regarding your company in the to whom it may concern letter. For instance, if your business is a travel agency, you should mention this in the letter. If your business deals with financial transactions, you may include information regarding the fees or commissions that you charge to your clients.

You may create to whom it may concern letters by using special software available on the Internet. This software allows you to customize your own letterheads. You can modify the heading and body of the letter according to the requirements of your company. You can add your company logo to the letterhead. You can also add an envelope to the letterhead.

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